The Ultimate Private Practice Boundaries Workbook

Tired of feeling like your business is draining you instead of energizing you? Get clear about your boundaries and what you want from your practice.

Identify Your Ideal Schedule

The workbook will walk you through how to make a real schedule that works for the life that you want. 

Get Clear About Your Money Needs

You will take a look at the life you have and the life you want to figure out what to charge, vacations included!

Identify Your Ideal Client

You'll learn how to get specific about your ideal client and how to talk to them. No more being unclear about who you like to work with and why. 

Create Scripts

You'll put it all together and create scripts that help you honor your boundaries. It's one thing to come up with boundaries. Knowing what to say when someone pushes back makes all the difference.

The Ultimate Private Practice Boundaries Workbook has enough content for 4 business coaching sessions (a value of $900) all for just $7. You will walk away clear about changes you need to make in your practice to create a business that serves you. 

Get this amazing, 20+ page, fillable workbook with a video walkthrough for just $7. 

Meet The Trainer

Anne Rice, LPC, CPCS, LMHC

My name is Anne Rice and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Counselor supervisor in Georgia and a Licensed Mental health Counselor in New York. I opened my private practice in Atlanta in 2017. When I started, I had two clients for a few months and spent a lot of time panicking and a lot of late nights trying to figure out the business side of running a practice. Fast forward to today where I have a full private pay practice that has expanded to a group practice. 

I made a ton of mistakes with my boundaries, and as a result, I almost quit my practice. This workbook will help you avoid those common mistakes and create a practice you love!