Money, Mindset, Marketing & More

Full-Day Immersive Retreat for Private Practice Providers

Saturday, May 4th

9:00 AM-5:30 PM

Blue House Wellness

610 Kentucky Street

Scottdale, GA 30079

Registration Closed! Join the waitlist for our August 24th Retreat!

Who is this for?

Maybe you're frustrated that you went to school for 2+ years, spent thousands, and you know how to take care of your clients but no one taught you how to handle business or talk to your clients about money.

Maybe you desire a thriving practice that allows you to make a significant impact, collaborate with clients you cherish, and create abundance for yourself (and in your life!) but you keep getting the messaging that helpers aren't in it for the money.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the thought of branding and marketing or feel that putting yourself "out there," isn't appropriate.

If any or all of these resonate with you, this full-day, immersive retreat is for you. Processing and working through "money stuff" will give you the confidence you need for an instant raise. This work isn't easy, there were LOTS of tears during our last workshop, but the work can transform your business and your life. 

What this workshop includes:


Ethics and Mindset

  • Easily and effortlessly discuss rates with your clients.
  • Learn why being consistent with fees and policies is important for providing ethical and quality care to your clients.
  • Identify how self-sabotage and martyrdom can show up for private practice providers and what to do to deal with them.
  • Learn how to ethically support clients who might be considered underserved without burning yourself out and align being cash pay with your ethics and values.
  • Confidently navigate consult calls and objections.
  • Have the courage to get off of insurance or set more strict boundaries with insurance.


  • Discover ways to make your practice a brand and learn how branding sells.
  • Learn how to ethically market your practice following the Board's code of ethics.
  • Learn ways to appropriately self-disclose to build trust with your clients
  • Learn how to make sure you are representing yourself appropriately along with what promises you can make to clients. 
  • Gain confidence in positioning yourself as an expert.
  • Decide on how and if to niche to attract your ideal client.


  • Catered Lunch Included
  • Customized Course Workbook (with included accountability check-lists)
  • Outreach Planning Guide & 90 day Social Media Content Planner (Value of $199)
  • Sample Email Wording Templates
  • 2 Professional Headshots
  • Special Offers from Presenters
  • 3 Ethics and 4.75 Core CEs for Counselors approved by the LPCA of GA; other professions may be able to receive related CEs



Money, Mindset, Marketing & More was such a great workshop!
A comprehensive look at very important and sometimes glanced-over items when operating a therapy practice. Learned a ton, with things to apply directly to my work to improve operations. Strongly recommend!!!

Melissa L


This workshop was packed with great information - so much so that I took 12 pages of notes! I enjoyed the small, intimate group of attendees, the content and the delivery of both instructors and lunch and photos were lovely perqs! Thanks to both instructors for an informative, relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable day. I will register again.



The Money, Mindset, Marketing and More workshop is comprehensive and accessible. It works for everyone from the prospective business owner to the seasoned practice owner. I learned so much about the next steps to take to grow my business and expand my network.

Robyn M


This training was just what I needed. I have a clearer view of the direction that my private practice should be going and a better understanding of what it truly means to market and how to manage my money with the right mindset.

Gold Package

$495 or 3 payments of $170

  • 8 Hour, Personalized Workshop
  • 1 Month Follow-Up Group Virtual Accountability Check-In 
  • Four Weeks of Follow-Up Emails
  • Action Step Worksheet
  • Probably some tears

Platinum Package

$675 or 3 payments of $230

  • Everything in the Standard Price
  • Printed, Spiral Bound Course Workbook
  • Additional Follow-Up Group Virtual Accountability Check-In at 2 Months
  • Additional Four Weeks of Follow-Up Emails
  • Branding Course
  • 1 Year Free Access to the Efficient Clinician Club
  • Business Building Book of Your Choosing

Concerned about the price? 

Close your eyes and imagine you are able to see at least 4 fewer clients a week but you are making more money. How would that feel? What would you do with your spare time?

This workshop will help you do the work so that you have the tools to easily and effortlessly discuss rates with your clients, confidently navigate consult calls and objections, and position yourself as the expert (because you are you!) among your competition.

This workshop isn't inexpensive but what does it cost you to keep things the way they are? We often cost ourselves thousands and thousands of dollars by not doing simple things like raising our fees yearly.

Workshop Worry-Free Promise

If you didn’t get a single thing from this workshop, we will refund your money within a week. 

Anne Rice is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Counselor supervisor in Georgia and a Licensed Mental health Counselor in New York. She is the owner of Blue House Wellness, a coworking space and virtual community for mental health professionals. Her passion is to help therapists avoid a lot of wasted time and money on their private practice journeys. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Princeton University and her graduate degree in Counseling Psychology from Boston College.

Cassie has over 15 years experience working in mental healthcare business development and has built a service based business from scratch. She understands the unique needs private practice clinicians/therapists and other service based providers face. In addition to being trained as a coach, she is also an energy worker- trained as a PSYCH-K® facilitator as well as a guided EFT Tapping Practitioner.